Call Center

UniCall’s call centers offer all forms of active selling and information-analytical services that can be applied to the enterprise market and retail market as well as for a wide range of marketing situations (launching of new products, market research, online campaign support etc.). We are fully available for you in the previous mentioned areas. Apart from the variety of UniCall offers provided in our broad portfolio our call centers are happy to assist you in the areas of sales and sales support, customer services, planning and implementation of marketing analyses and business consulting required in your company. Just let us work for our common profit!

  • Prospecting sale strategy support
  • Database creation and profiling
  • Cross-sales and up–sales
  • Mystery shopping – testing internal customer and sales departments
  • Market research in various areas of trade
  • Sales representatives appointments setting

Customer Care

UniCall’s call centers provide customer service in all of its forms and to various extents. Together with a high guarantee of quality, we can provide you with many options of customer care, depending on your needs and founds. We can take care of your clients in a complex range, we can provide you with partial outsourcing of customer care covering a part of your service ( for instance: switchboard, answers, helpdesk) or we can offer you a partnership for covering communication peaks when demand increases (for instance during your product launch or marketing campaign).

UniCall is also able to significantly reduce costs for small businesses that do not have resources or ambition to operate their own switchboard. Our specialized employees will help you set optimal activities for your customer service as well as the scope of these services.

  • Complete outsourcing of customer care
  • Partial outsourcing of customer care (switchboard, answers, helpdesk)
  • Partnership for covering communication peaks on demand
  • Responsive help desk
  • Effective technical support
  • Complex campaign response

Back Office

UniCall offers all forms of administration and technical support activities, i.e. so - called back-office. We can help you with a wide range of activities which meet all your needs. Together with a high guarantee of quality, we can provide you with entering names and data, registrations process, orders receiving and the whole process of managing your e-shop store (i.e. receiving orders, package and completion operations, shipment consolidation, quality control, sorting operations, inventory control, shipping etc.) UniCall has a solid basis for operating back-office services in a large part of Europe and can therefore offer a wide spectrum of services in this category as a “full service” provider. Thanks to the excellent language skills of our centers’ employees, we have the potential to attract even the most demanding international corporations that require central and controlled processes in the back - office category!

  • Requested order handling
  • Precise data entry and backup
  • Warehouse support and inventory control
  • Quick mail response
  • Complete fulfilment: from packing to delivery
  • Logistics of safe product transportation

Case studies

Case study 1
Case study 2
Case study 3
Case study 4

Before asking us, check if your question hasn’t been answered below:

It depends on the complexity. We require minimum 5 working days after a contract is signed by both parties. It may extend to several days if it involves complex preparations and training.
No, we arrange everything but any costumer database you may have will probably bring better results, e.g. database collected from online questionnaires on your website.
Established call script would be useful, but you can also send us information about the product and our managers will prepare a script according to the best telephone sales practices. Define what results you want to achieve and what is your permissible cost per order or monthly budget for customer service. Contact us to find out more.
We believe that only dedicated team can have appropriate motivation combined with thorough training to achieve desired results.
Outsourcing center is like a part of our own company located in a different building. Outsourcing requires preparation and involvement of both: you and us, to be successful. We are fully transparent in regards to performance or financial results and you can be certain that our intentions will make you feel secure. Moreover you are always welcome to spend as much time in our office as you find necessary. We can prepare a place for you to set up your workstation and all of our sites have guest network to connect to.
We provide access to online reporting that can be customized for your needs. In addition to statistics, we send our customers sales reports and database extracts.
It is a dialer that predicts how many more simultaneous calls will one receive based on statistics gathered during the campaign. It dials more calls that there are currently available agents as it knows that not all of the calls will be answered.
Number of seats refers to number of workstations occupied at any given time. We run projects for 12 hours a day or longer which require more than one agent, who covers 8 hours long shift.
We abide to all the regulations stated in the Personal Data Protection Act. Additionally we passed bank and insurance sector audits to comply with even more strict requirements to ensure your data security.
Due to different nature of every business it is impossible to give simple pricing sheet for all kinds of call center projects. There are several factors that influence performance and thus pricing, which include product offered, your internal procedures, databases, working hours and several others. Please contact us to receive a quotation.
Yes. We split them among the countries that we operate in to select the best language skills possible, preferably native speakers.