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Customer Acquisiution

  • Customer acquisition
  • Cross-sales and up-sales options
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prospecting sale strategy support
  • Market research
  • Mystery shopping and quality control
  • Analysis and brand consulting
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Customer service

  • Highest standards of customer care
  • Complex or partial outsourcing
  • Permanent or periodical cooperation
  • Emergency cases hotline support
  • Costs reduction
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Back Office

  • Technical and administrative support
  • Precise company data input
  • Multilingual registrations
  • Detailed order processing
  • Storage, packing, delivery, quality control

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What`s new with UniCall?

Helpline for Enbio

We are happy to inform that we started a helpline for Enbio Group customers to support their line of revolutionary products for sterilizing liquid media, dental and medical tools for biotechnological, medical and cosmetology. We are also planning to commence marketing activities to support Enbio newly introduced products...

Unicall receives Book of Lists award of distinction

We received the Book of Lists award of distinction for an innovative approach to quality control unified with online reporting system, which encompasses all our locations in 6 European countries. The award was presented during an annual gala organised by Warsaw business Journal in Ujazdów Castle.  The award was received by Jonas Törnquist, CEO of Unicall Communication Group, who from the early days of the company, stressed the importance of newest technologies, particularly those that help in every day work and ensure unified quality level in all our offices. 

Cooperation with KaVo

Early in September we started a cooperation with a leading German dental equipment manufacturer. The project is held in Bydgoszcz office and its main goal is to support of marketing activities conducted by the Client. The campaign is addressed to private dental clinics and is conducted in two stages: in the first contact, agents provide overview of the offer and send information brochures to customers interested in a product or a group of products. In the second stage, they schedule meeting with those who would like to proceed with a further discussion.     

Call center market forecast for Outsourcing & More

One of our experts prepared his forecast on the development of the call centre market in Poland in the coming years.

Personal data protection in call centre

We take up voice in a discussion regarding personal data protection in BPO sector. Every outsourcing company must comply with technical and administrative regulations described in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ordinance. Furthermore, each company must oblige individual requirements of their clients, which, as in case of financial institutions, are frequently more stringent than those described in the Data Protection Act.   You can read more on (Polish):  http://biznes.interia.pl/wiadomosci/news/skad-oni-maja-moje-dane-o-ochronie-danych-osobowych-w,2366295,4199