Who we are

UniCall is an outsourcing contact center of Scandinavian roots and work culture, which were successfully adopted on the Central and Eastern European markets.

The company was founded in 2004 in Norway and has since grown to more than 400 jobs in 5 centres currently located in the Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Estonia.

Owing to stable financial and technical support, UniCall provides a wide range of services including telemarketing, sales, lead generation, customer service, technical support, back office and business advisory services in many specialised areas.

In Poland, owing to shared ownership structure and close business relationship developed over several the years, Unicall is a part of Natural Pharmaceuticals - a dietary supplements company.

Our values

Whether you seek customer acquisition, customer care, technical support or debt collection, we will be your best choice. Our key values are quality, transparency, ethics and innovative solutions. Due to them we can assure effectiveness, efficiency and proficiency to every service we provide. Qualified personnel, ethical principles and quality assurance are our guarantee of leadership in call center industry.

Why us?

Since the early days we placed particular emphasis on the quality and transparency of all our processes in internal and external communication with our employees and our partners. We are constantly engaged in development and maintenance of standards of our solutions. Our success is based on high quality services at all stages of the process from monitoring, planning through implementation to assess the effectiveness of the project. Our call centers are the perfect combination of highly motivated and experienced professionals and the most advanced technology.

Our quality

Quality is the fulcrum and the main supporter in the company’s daily operations, which is in line with our operating philosophy and strong involvement in the branch organizations Polish Marketing Association or Adamez in the Czech Republic. In an industry that is exposed to public skepticism, UniCall will sets the standard of services and aims to be an ambassador on each market we operate on.

We have developed quality routines that are aided by custom made technical solutions allowing for easy monitoring of services and performance at any stage your campaign. We believe that our quality and transparency will allow us to build mutual trust thus creating a blossoming long-term cooperation on multiple levels.

One of the unique solutions is call self-assessment. All agents have to grade each conversation using 3 statuses: No issue, OK or Dissatisfied customer – in these cases our Quality Department calls back the customer to ask for the reason of their negative experience.

We listen to all the sales calls and diagnose problems.

All Agents have a schedule of coaching and training sessions that are carefully followed. Each Agent has to have at least 1 coaching session a week

All reports are generated automatically directly from the systems which eliminates possibility of errors and omissions. It also puts higher pressure on our operation to adhere the highest quality standards.

Quality policy

Management of Ucommunications group s.r.o. undertakes to meet the requirements of STN EN ISO 9001: 2016 and to permanently improve the efficiency of the quality management system and declares the following quality policy:

  • Provide quality outsourcing services to customers
  • Ensure sustainable development of our company
  • Build partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees
  • Recognize competition and compete with it for the customer's favor

The management of the company and all employees of the company are accustomed to quality assurance in accordance with the standard STN EN ISO 9001: 2016, adapting their procedures and access to customers.

Collaboration with our customers, suppliers and co-operating business partners is intense, open and honest. It provides us with extraordinary relationships as well as the quality of our services. We are confident of knowing the situation of our market partners and further information is the basis for quality management and software upgrading according to the current world trend so as to satisfy our customers' expectations and not only in terms of quality but also in a balanced price-performance ratio.

We recognize and appreciate the quality of our competition. We understand this as a challenge for our company and our employees, but also as a stimulus for our business activities. We want to stand in the competition for the customer's favor.

We strive to be one of the best call centers in the Central European area of ​​outsourcing, which leads us to constant improvement. We work to ensure that our brand continues to be a symbol of reliability and quality.

Our technology

Technology is the cornerstone of our daily operations and the mainstay for all daily routines and procedures. The company was founded with the governing principle of interconnectivity. All our sites work on the same system and are therefore totally redundant. Such arrangement allows for easy exchange of information and results between the offices in all of our European countries. Reporting is based on automated processes and web-reporting giving our Team Leaders and Project Managers more time for their core activities.


Branch organizations

UniCall actively participates in endeavors and meetings of branch organizations on all the markets we are present by introducing new policies and measures to develop quality, ethics and technical solutions related with telephone sales direct marketing. We are a member of the following organizations: