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Customer Acquisiution

  • Customer acquisition
  • Cross-sales and up-sales options
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Prospecting sale strategy support
  • Market research
  • Mystery shopping and quality control
  • Analysis and brand consulting
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Customer service

  • Highest standards of customer care
  • Complex or partial outsourcing
  • Permanent or periodical cooperation
  • Emergency cases hotline support
  • Costs reduction
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Back Office

  • Technical and administrative support
  • Precise company data input
  • Multilingual registrations
  • Detailed order processing
  • Storage, packing, delivery, quality control

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What`s new with UniCall?

Cooperation with Renault Polska

After a period of meticulous preparations we launched a helpline for Renault Polska aimed at providing professional customer support for Renault and Dacia brands on the Polish market. The service incorporates general customer support and a dedicated helpline for multimedia systems, which makes one increasingly aware that modern cars not only part of the automotive realm but also have long crossed into information technologies all for the sake of driver’s convenience. ...

Helpline for Inomeda

Our team will provide customer support for Flexiseq® which is the original, award winning solution to the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, which Inomeda is a sole distributor on the Polish market. Flexiseq® is based on nanotechnology and therefore provides a drug-free approach to joint pain and stiffness, clinically proved to be as effective as prescription painkillers.  The helpline will be on regular business days between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m.   

BSS Forum Gdynia - picutres

We took part in a "Hard Talk" panel regarding technology available for contact center vs. expectations of the industry. Here are a few pictures of the event. All pictures are credited to Pro Progressio.

Invitations to a cyclic conference program

We are supporting one of the leading Polish banks in a free conferences program addressed to SME sector. The project is executed in two stages: the first starts in November and in the first weeks of December for a Christmas holiday break and is resumed in mid-January. Unicall acts as a support for a marketing agency, which is the main organizer of the events. Our role is to contact customers, present the offer, send an invitation e-mail and call with reminder call or send a text message shortly before each event.   

Another campaign for KaVo Polska

We launched another campaign for KaVo Polska, which is a leading German dental equipment manufacturer. The goal of the project is promotion of KaVo products among potential buyers identified in course of previous marketing campaigns that we conducted last year. In addition to lead generation, we also provided data cleansing services this time by deduplicating conflicting data and standardising telephone numbers formatting.