What`s new with UniCall?

BSS Forum Gdynia - picutres


We took part in a "Hard Talk" panel regarding technology available for contact center vs. expectations of the industry. Here are a few pictures of the event. All pictures are credited to Pro Progressio.

Helpline for Inomeda


Our team will provide customer support for Flexiseq® which is the original, award winning solution to the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, which Inomeda is a sole distributor on the Polish market. Flexiseq® is based on nanotechnology and therefore provides a drug-free approach to joint pain and stiffness, clinically proved to be as effective as prescription painkillers. 

The helpline will be on regular business days between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. 


Cooperation with Renault Polska


After a period of meticulous preparations we launched a helpline for Renault Polska aimed at providing professional customer support for Renault and Dacia brands on the Polish market. The service incorporates general customer support and a dedicated helpline for multimedia systems, which makes one increasingly aware that modern cars not only part of the automotive realm but also have long crossed into information technologies all for the sake of driver’s convenience. 

The service is rendered in a non-standard model since entire team is located at our client’s premises. Such arrangement was necessary due to constant knowledge updates and thus a requirement for a close cooperation with Renault internal customer support, technical, marketing teams with physical access to the cars. Unicall provides call centre systems, IVR, reporting and staff while Renault ensures knowledge base and supervision of the service. 

Helpline for a travel agency


Our new client is a dynamically developing travel agency, that we had a please to cooperate with in the past will running cross-marketing campaigns for Natural Pharmaceuticals - one of our existing clients. Initially, the agency offered package holidays to Turkey only but currently the offers has been vastly expanded in includes several destinations including Italy, Israel, Jordan the US and Mauritians, among others. 

As a result of the expansion and following higher demands for customers service, the company decided to move its customer service to Unicall. Out task is to support agency’s customers during the booking process, clearing all doubts related to the trips and informing about optional excursions. The helpline is open on regular business days between 9:00 a.m. and 9 p.m. Just as on all of our projects, the client has access to online real-time reports and recording using our web reports system. 

BSS Tour - Katowice


Last week we had a pleasure to moderate a panel discussion at the Advanced Technology in Business conference in Katowice. It was a part of BSS Tour events organized by Pro Progressio. The discussion focused on modern technologies and the role of automation in Front Office customer support.