What`s new with UniCall?

Helpline for Enbio


We are happy to inform that we started a helpline for Enbio Group customers to support their line of revolutionary products for sterilizing liquid media, dental and medical tools for biotechnological, medical and cosmetology. We are also planning to commence marketing activities to support Enbio newly introduced products.


Currently, we provide support for MICROJET autoclave, which is the fastest personal use device for liquid media sterilization in the world. Soon we will also extend the support to STEAMJET – world’s fastest autoclave designed for dentists, treatment rooms and beauty salons.


You can find more information on Enbio Group website:


Unicall helpline

Completely new online reporting system


Access to detailed reporting is one of the key advantages of sales and customer service outsourcing. It’s a tool that lets you to evaluate campaign efficiency and monitor quality of your customer service. This is why decided on a complete facelift of our online reporting system. In addition to new graphical layout, the system also received new  functionalities. For the former, the interface is much more vibrant and legible, while the latter includes online access to voice recordings and several other new features. Now you can listen to them online or download them to your local drive.

Key reporting parameters can be freely customised, depending on the requirements of your campaign. Outbound data is updated daily, as soon as sales and leads are verified by the quality department. For inbound projects the status is are displayed live. 

Electricity and gas sales


We begin cooperation with one of the largest utility companies in Scandinavia, who stared trading in Poland last year. Unicall provides sales and back office services in our Bydgoszcz office. Our task is to sell electricity and gas to consumers, document processing and deliver of singed contracts to our client. Following a one month’s trial, our client decided to extend the cooperation and expand the sales to team. 


Another campaign for KaVo Polska


We launched another campaign for KaVo Polska, which is a leading German dental equipment manufacturer. The goal of the project is promotion of KaVo products among potential buyers identified in course of previous marketing campaigns that we conducted last year. In addition to lead generation, we also provided data cleansing services this time by deduplicating conflicting data and standardising telephone numbers formatting. 

Invitations to a cyclic conference program


We are supporting one of the leading Polish banks in a free conferences program addressed to SME sector. The project is executed in two stages: the first starts in November and in the first weeks of December for a Christmas holiday break and is resumed in mid-January.

Unicall acts as a support for a marketing agency, which is the main organizer of the events. Our role is to contact customers, present the offer, send an invitation e-mail and call with reminder call or send a text message shortly before each event.