What`s new with UniCall?

New project in progress!


A test campaign of appointments for sales representatives of leading companies in the Polish LPG market has just been conducted. The goal was to verify the basic information about the current installation and logistically set up meetings for numerous representatives of our partner. With use of authorised application created by UniCall, we were able to synchronize calendars of consultants and traders, so that representatives could conduct independent sales activities that do not interfered with the UniCall campaign. The project turned out to be our great success and will continue after the holiday season.

UniCall extends its partnership


We started a long-term cooperation in the field of credit card sales with one of the leading banks in the Polish market. UniCall task is to attract new customers basing on a dedicated range of products and service back-office sales process. Our responsibility includes signing of the contracts. Cooperation was preceded by a process of certification and specific training on the products offered by the Bank.

Next UniCall headquarter opened in Budapest


At the beginning of the month we opened a new call center in the city of Budapest. The new location provides services to current projects, but in the near future will also challenges implementation of the new campaign. With a wide language base, the new office has a chance to become a multilingual service center for most European countries.

UniCall joins Pro Progressio Group


We have joined Pro Progressio. The primary mission of the group is to develop entrepreneurship and investment in Poland with particular focus on business service sector including Business Process Outsourcing, Shared Service Centres and Research & Development   and Call / Contact Centre companies.

Meeting in the Embassy of Norway in Poland


We took part in the a meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador in Poland Mr. Karsten Klepsvik, who commented on the current Norwegian foreign policy goals with particular emphasis on the economic relations between Poland and Norway. These are of special importance because Poles constitute the most numerous minority in this country. According to the official data, there are over one hundred thousand of them in Norway but unofficial sources double the figure since a large part of emigrants come for seasonal or one-off contracts. The majority of Poles work in the construction industry with a significant percentage of contractors running their own local businesses.

Such a large presence creates demand for Polish services and therefore Unicall together with our partner sells mobile telephony services, which in include local mobile and data plans in Norway and packages of free minutes to Poland.